Cedar Hill, Texas


Tip Top Trail Challenge - December 2014

Amy's training program is geared for the riders / owners who use their horses, haul them, compete on them, ride for fun, give them a job, and need a safe, sensible, trustworthy mount at all times.

Amy's program develops just that. A solid, safe, dependable, trustworthy horse who has been treated fairly and knows how to trust and be trusted.

Some of Amy's equine students have gone on to become successful ranch horses, reiners, cow horses, race horses,  cowboy horses, barrel & speed event champions, cutting,  sorting, roping, playday horses, trail horses, kid horses, husband horses, parade and drill, competitive trail, endurance, and more!

Horse Training

*Colt Starting

* Problem Horses

* Finishing Training/specialized training

Owners are encouraged to schedule lessons when horse is in full training.  Full training includes one lesson per week  additional lessons are half price.

$1200 / Month

*Baby Boot Camp

$900 / month, no riding


$ 70/ 1 hr private lesson

$60/ 1 hr semi private (2 riders)

$50/ 1 hr group lesson (3-6 riders)

$40/ 30 min private lesson (recommended for students under 7 yrs old)

$35/ 30 min semi private (2 riders)

**Arrive 15 mins before your lesson starts,, to groom and saddle**



Intern/Apprentice Program

applocation available by request 

must be at least 18 yrs old  

Contact Amy for details

Visitations are welcome and must be done by appointment only, through Amy. DROP INS ARE NOT